Game Times – Teams must be at their field, dressed and ready to play, at least 30 minutes before their scheduled start time. The tournament director reserves the right to start games early if the field is available and there is the threat of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.



  • No new inning will begin after the time limit has been reached.

  • The time starts at the finish of the umpire/coach plate meeting.

  • It is the responsibility of the head coach to know what the official start time is before every game.

  • Stalling will not be tolerated.

    • If the umpires or tournament directors feel a team is intentionally stalling the game, they reserve the right to forfeit the team.


Complete Game – If a game has been shortened due to severe weather, lighting malfunction or any other unforeseen circumstances, the Coastal Florida Sports Park will do everything in their power to complete the game as scheduled. However, in the event the game cannot be completed, the Coastal Florida Sports Park considers a contest a complete game as long as 3 innings have been completed. The final score is determined by going back to the last completed inning. If both teams were tied at the end of the last completed inning, the game will be registered as a tie. If the game is an elimination game, and the last completed inning was a tie, the higher seed going into the game is determined the winner.


  • Pool Play – if two teams are tied at the end of regulation (time limit or innings) the game will be recorded as a tie. Each team will receive a ½ win and ½ loss.

  • Elimination Play – if two teams are tied at the end of regulation the game will be finished using the Coastal Florida tie-breaker rule.



Tie-Breaker Rule:  The last 3 hitters from the previous inning will load the bases. The last hitter will be on 1st base. The hitter before him will be on 2nd base. The hitter before him will be on 3rd base. Normal substitution rules apply to all runners and batters. The hitting team will start with one out. Play will continue using this format until one team is ahead at the end of an inning.


Rosters Limits – There are no roster limits in any of the Coastal Florida Sports Park Events. If for whatever reason a team drops down to 8 healthy players, they may start and play the game with only 8 players. However, every time the 9th spot in the batting line-up comes up, the team will be issued an automatic out. Once a team drops below 8 players, they must forfeit the game.


Official Rosters – For all tournaments, each team must submit an official tournament roster. Coaches must be able to produce an official copy of players’ birth certificate. In the event of a protest, any team without these documents is subject to forfeit and removal of the tournament.

Protests – If a coach wants to issue a protest they must submit their protest along with $100 cash, and give it to the umpire who will call the tournament director. All protests will be reviewed by the Coastal Florida Tournament Committee and they will make the final decision in a timely manner. All protest decisions made by the tournament directors will be final. If the protest is upheld the cash will be fully refunded back to the coach. Any and all protests MUST be made before the next play following the infraction. This includes pitching violations. The pitcher MUST be on the mound in order to protest a pitching violation. Any protest submitted regarding judgment calls by umpires will not be tolerated or reviewed.


Home Team – In all Coastal Florida tournament games, the home team will be decided by coin flip prior to the start of the game. The umpire does not have to be present to witness the coin flip.


Showcase Mercy Rules – The mercy rules will be enforced based on the following run differentials:

  • 15 runs after 3 innings (or 2 ½ if the home team is winning)

  • 12 runs after 4 innings (or 3 ½ if the home team is winning)

  • 10 runs after 5 innings (or 4 ½ if the home team is winning)

  • 8 runs after 6 innings (or 5 ½ if the home team is winning)


Bat Guidelines: All USA Baseball and USSSA Approved bats are allowed and all High School age events must be Wood or -3 BBCOR, unless otherwise noted.


Lead-Offs and Steals – 9:U Age groups and up will be open bases, so the runners can lead off and steal at any time.


Field Dimensions – The following dimensions will be used for the base and mound distances:

  • 7U-8U – 42ft mound, 60 ft bases

  • 9U-10U – 46ft mound, 65 ft bases

  • 11U-12U – 50ft mound, 70ft bases

  • 13 and older- 60ft mound, 90ft bases


Pool Seedings – At the end of pool play, seeding’s will be based on the following:

  1. Overall win/loss

  2. Total runs scored in pool play

  3. Total runs allowed in pool play

  4. Run differential in pool play

  5. Coin toss by umpire with coaches calling until all bracket locations are filled


Mound Visits – Coaches are allowed one mound visit per inning. On the coach’s second visit, the pitcher must be removed.


Extra Hitter (EH) / Designated Hitter (DH) – Teams have the option of using the EH and DH. The DH does not have to be used for the pitcher. At the Coastal Florida Sports Park teams have the option of playing their entire team by using as many

EH’s as they want. EH’s can be freely substituted defensively. However, if a team elects to bat their entire line-up and a player gets injured or ejected, his spot in the line-up will be an automatic out every time it comes up.


Courtesy Runners – Teams have the option of courtesy running for their pitcher and catcher. The courtesy runner must be a legal substitute that has not been entered into the game yet or last batted out.


Pitching Limitations – fully compliant with Pitch Smart recommendations


AgeDaily Max

(Pitches in Game)Required Rest (Pitches)

0 Days1 Days2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days











Age Requirement:  May 1st will be the designated date to determine ages.  Players who exceed the age of the division before May 1st will not be eligible to participate in that division.  Players who turn 19 are eligible for the 18U division if they are current academic year High School graduates. Players who played on the JV team the previous season or have never played on the varsity team are eligible for the 16U division.  Coaches must turn in rosters prior to playing the first game.  A player may not be on two rosters in the same division.  Copies of birth certificates or driver license must be made available upon request.  Ejections will be dealt with by the tournament committee.


  1. Protest Fees:  $100.00 cash (in rule interpretation only).  Protest of uniform will not be allowed.  The tournament director will be responsible for team’s conformity. 

  2. Game Time:  Starting time is forfeit time unless delay is created by tournament director.  All pre-game warm-ups should be done in the outfield or designated areas.  No infield permitted.  Please do not hit baseballs into chain link fences.

  3. Time Limit:  9U – 12U (1 hour 45 minutes), 13U – HS (2 hours) up to semi-final games.  Tournament director reserves the right to implement lesser time limits due to inclement weather.  If home team is ahead bottom half of the inning will not be played if time has expired.  Ties will stand in pool play.  If a bracket game ends in a tie, the “California tiebreaker” will be used to break the tie.  In World Series play, the California tiebreaker will be used in pool play and the game will be played to completion in bracket play.


  1. California tiebreaker:  the last batted out will be placed on second base to start the next new inning.  Then complete innings until the tie is broken..


  1. Home Team:  Will be determined by coin flip in pool play unless designated, and by seeding in bracket play up to the championship game.  The home team will be required to keep a score book.  The umpire in chief will be responsible for the official score and changes.

  2. Run Rule:  9U – 12U (8 runs after 4 innings) 15 runs after 3 innings in all tournament games; 13U – 18U 8runs after 5 innings,10 runs after 4 innings, 15 runs after 3 innings in all tournament games.

  3. EH Rule:  Extra Hitter – Bat ten players, the EH can go into the field for any of the other nine players in the game and that player will then become the EH.  The batting order does not change.

  4. Bat Weight/Length:  High School Bat weight/length differential rule is waived in the 15 and under ages.  In Wood Bat tournaments - bats must be wood or wood composite; no synthetics.

  5. Courtesy Runner:  Courtesy runner for both the pitcher and the catcher may be used at any time.  Courtesy runner has to be someone not presently in the line-up.  The same player cannot run for both in the same inning.

    10.  Metal Spikes: Not allowed for age groups 12 and under.

    11.  Pitching Rules:  9U – 12U (8 innings); 13U – 14U (10 innings).  In World

Championships innings start over in bracket play.  Innings are calculated by thirds. 

 12.  Inclement weather policy: 0 games played – 75 % refund, 1 game played – 50% refund,

        2 games played – no refund.  If ASB cancels the tournament – 100% refund.


NOTE:  POSTED BRACKETS ARE OFFICIAL (place and/or time subject to change)



  1. Record - Example: 3-0 teams over 2-1 teams/2-1 teams over 1-2 teams.

  2. Head to Head – Example: if two teams have the same record, go to who won head to head.

  3. Fewest runs allowed - Example: of all 3-0 teams first/all 2-1 teams second, etc.

  4. Highest run differential - Example: of all 3-0 teams first/all 2-1 teams second, etc.

  5. Coin flip - If none of the above breaks the tie, a coin flip will be used.


    NOTE: When seeding, if a team matches up with a team from the same pool in the first round of bracket play, that team will be switched with the next lowest seed.  If switching the teams creates the same problem then the pairing will stand.